Practice Areas

CG’s ethos is intellectual integrity, analytic rigor, and earned trust.

Intelligence is the foundation.

Strategic Advice

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Forward-looking geopolitical analysis, scenario planning, and table-top exercises
  • Market entry, sustainability, resilience, and exit
  • Decision support at the C-suite level

M&A  / Investment

  • CFIUS, FCPA, GDPR, and global regulatory compliance, including monitoring
  • Cross-border M&A and investment diligence, including outbound investment screening
  • Know your customer/partner assessment
  • Counterparty guidance and negotiation support

Risk Management

  • Global threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Multi-domain risk mitigation and crisis management
  • Cyber and information protection and digital assurance
  • Health and pandemic risk operations and mitigation

Public Risk Strategy

  • Public data analytics, messaging strategies, and media insights
  • Public risk and opportunity assessment, including Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues
  • Crisis preparedness and response
  • Reputation intelligence and stakeholder management

Customized Offerings

  • Country-specific advice, strategy, and advocacy
  • Remote psychological and behavioral assessments and leadership profiles
  • Market mapping, stakeholder mapping, and analytics
  • Asset identification and recovery
  • Corporate counterintelligence