In today’s world of unprecedented complexity, decisionmaking is more challenging than ever.

Crumpton Global’s intelligence-driven advice illuminates business risks and opportunities and advances your interests.

Intelligence enables you to make faster, more confident, better decisions — the critical difference-maker against your competition.

Our Mission

We collaborate with you to fill knowledge gaps, create options, and develop sound strategies for your business.

This is the value of intelligence.

We help you factor public opinion, activism, and reputation into your decisionmaking.

With social media and other Internet tools, the public of the 21st century has become a superpower that cannot be ignored.

We deliver expertise, worldwide networks, research and analysis.

Our analysis transforms raw, unvetted, often-conflicting information into intelligence.

CG by the Numbers

Since 2008


Enhanced client value worldwide for more than 125 Fortune 500 companies, investment firms, and family offices


Guided and informed clients on $220 billion worth of investments and transactions


Trusted expert consultants and researchers in a global network


Years of combined leadership experience worldwide

Practice Areas

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About Us

Crumpton Global was founded in 2008 by Ambassador Henry A. Crumpton and other former senior executives of the Central Intelligence Agency. Our vision was simple: to provide the same wisdom and value to CEOs that we provided to the President of the United States and the President‘s closest advisers.

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