Political Violence

We helped a Fortune 500 firm rapidly develop emergency evacuation options (air, land, and sea) for more than 150 employees who were trapped by political violence that soon escalated to civil war. Ahead of the crisis, we had been warning about the growing security threat in that country and advised them to implement crisis management plans.

Because our client was perceived as close to the country’s leaders, there was risk of retribution against company employees. When the situation suddenly deteriorated, fighting closed off all normal transportation out of the country.

We used our network and expertise to organize secure emergency exfiltration plans.

In addition, we deployed advisors to serve alongside our client’s crisis decision team in a 24/7 “war room.”  We also acted as primary liaison between the firm and senior U.S. State Department leaders, ensuring that government decisionmakers knew our client’s situation and incorporated its interests into the government’s own evacuation plans.